Two-curve-shaped biosensor using photonic crystal nano-ring resonators

Document Type : Research Paper


Nano-photonics and Optoelectronics Research Laboratory (NORLab), Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, ShahidRajaee Teacher Training University (SRTTU), Tehran, Iran



We design a novel nano-ring resonator using two-dimensional photonic crystal (2D-PhC), for bio-sensing applications. The structure of biosensor is created by two-curve-shaped ring resonator which sandwiched by two waveguides. These are configured by removing one row of air holes. The refractive index of sensing hole is changed by binding an analyte. Hence, intensity of the transmission spectrum shifts to lower value. This process is utilized for determining the properties of the analyte. The quality factor is obtained about 1550 and for a unit change in the refractive index of sensing hole, the intensity of transmission spectrum reduces as 4.125 units.


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