Growth, Characterization of Cu Nanoparticles Thin Film by Nd: YAG Laser Pulses Deposition

Document Type : Research Paper


Laser physics, University of Babylon, College of Science for Women, Iraq



We report the growth and characterization of Cu nanoparticles thin film of on glass substrate by pulse laser deposition method. The Cu thin film prepared with different energy 50, 60, 70, and 80 mJ. The energy effect on the morphological, structural and optical properties were studied by AFM, XRD and UV-Visible spectrophotometer. Surface topography studied by atomic force microscopy revealed narrowed size distributions, with particle sizes ranging from 65.8 to 90.09 nm. The results showed the Average Gran Size increased with increasing energy and RMS roughness increased with increasing energy. X-ray diffraction showed nanostructure phase With ( 2q = 43.297, 50.433 degree). The results show that by increasing thickness, the copper films crystallinity in (111) direction increases. Optical properties measurements showed transformation from metallic properties of bulk Cu to semiconductor properties when formed by sort of nanostructure evidenced by the formation of optical energy gap about (3.45 to 3.89 eV) with different conditions. When the thickness of samples is increased the crystallinity and the mean grain size improved.