Metal-organic frameworks of cobalt and nickel centers with carboxylate and pyridine functionality linkers: Thermal and physical properties; precursors for metal oxide nanoparticle preparation

Document Type : Research Paper


School of chemistry, College of science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran



This  article  provides  an  overview  on  preparation,  design,  crystal structure  and  properties  of  some  metal-organic  frameworks  of carboxylate coordination polymers mixed with pyridine-functionality linkers  prepared  in  our  laboratory.  The  article  covers  coordination polymers  in  two-  and  three-dimensional  supramolecular architectures. The reported coordination polymers exhibit  interesting structural  features  for  cobalt  and  nickel  centers.  They  also  show various  physical  properties  together  with  high  thermal  stabilities, which  candidate  them  for  a wide  range  of  applications. Moreover, one  of  the  frameworks  was  used  as  a  precursor  for  preparation  of metal oxide nanoparticles with sizes of about 35-45 nm.