Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convection Flows in a Square Double Lid-Driven Cavity Partially Heated Using Nanofluid

Document Type : Research Paper


Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Kashan, Kashan, I.R. Iran



A numerical study has been done through an Al2O3–water in a double lid-driven  square  cavity with various  inclination  angles  and discrete heat sources. The top and right moving walls are at low temperature. Half of  the  left and bottom walls are  insulated and  the  temperatures of the other half are kept at high. A large number of simulations for a wide  range  of Richardson  number  of  0.1  to  10, Reynolds  number from 1  to 100,  inclination angle of cavity from  -90o   to 90o  and solid volume  fraction  between  0  and  0.06  are  performed.  The  results  are presented  in  the  form  of  streamline,  isotherm  and Nusselt  number plots. The influence of solid volume fraction of nanofluids and angle of inclination on hydrodynamic and thermal characteristics have been analyzed  and  discussed.  As  a  result,  it  was  found  that  the  heat transfer  increases  with  increase  in  solid  volume  fraction  for  a constant Reynolds number, heat  transfer also  increases with  increase in  Richardson  and  Reynolds  for  a  particular  volume  fraction.