Sonochemical Synthesis of two New Nano-structured Lead(II) and Mercury(II) Coordination Polymers

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, TarbiatModares University, P.O. Box 14155-4838, Tehran, Iran

2 Department of Chemistry, Payame Noor University, P.O. Box 19395-3697, Tehran, Iran



Two new nano-sized lead(II) and mercury(II) coordination polymers, [Pb(2-bpdh)(NO3)2(H2O)]n(1); (2-bpdh = 2,5-bis(2-pyridyl)-3,4-diaza- 2,4-hexadiene)} and [Hg(4-bpdb)(SCN)2]n (2); (4-bpdb= 1,4-bis(4- pyridyl)-3,4-diaza-1,3-butadiene) were synthesized by a sonochemical method. The structure of 1 may be considered coordination polymer of lead(II) and Single crystal X–ray analysis of compound 2reveals that consists of one-dimensional zigzag chains formed by bridging SCN-   and 4-bpdb ligand. The new nano-structures of coordination polymers were characterized by scanning electron microscopy, powder X-ray diffraction, elemental analyses and IR spectroscopy. The size of the samples was about 70 nm and 60 nm for compound  1 and  2, respectively.