Study the Surface Effect on the Buckling of Nanowires Embedded in Winkler–Pasternak Elastic Medium Based on a Nonlocal Theory

Document Type : Research Paper


Smart Structures and New Advanced Materials Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Zanjan, Zanjan



Nano structures such as nanowires, nanobeams and nanoplates have been investigated widely for their innovative properties. In this paper the buckling of nanowires surrounded in a Winkler - Pasternak elastic medium has been examined based on the nonlocal Euler-Bernoully model with considering the surface effects. In the following a parametric study that explores the influence of numerous physical and geometrical parameters on the buckling of nanowires is presented.  It has been shown that by growing the ratio of surface area to bulk in nano-size structures, the effect of surface energy turn out to be important and should be taken into consideration. Moreover the results point out that surface elasticity and residual surface tension stimulus the buckling behavior of nanowires.