Synthesis, Characterization and Investigation Magnetic and Photovoltaic properties of FeVO4 Nanoparticles

Document Type : Research Paper


Young Researchers and Elites Club, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran



This research reports a facile ultrasonic approach for the synthesis of iron vanadate (FeVO4) nanoparticles with the aid of ammonium metavanadate (NH4VO3) and Fe(NO3)3.9H2O as the starting reagents without adding external surfactant, capping agent or template in an aqueous solution. Furthermore, to examine the solar cell application of as-synthesized iron vanadate (FeVO4) nanoparticles, FTO/TiO2/FeVO4/Pt-FTO structure was created by deposited iron vanadate film on top of the TiO2 layer. The VSM magnetic measurement result shows that a maximum magnetization of 0.16 emu/g was obtained for FeVO4 nanoparticles after annealing at 550 °C for 150 min. The as- synthesized FeVO4 ferrite powders were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning Electron Microscopy, spectra energy dispersive analysis of X-ray, and vibrating sample magnetometer techniques. The X-ray diffraction study showed that pure anorthic phase of  FeVO4 nanoparticles have been produced after calcinations at 550 °C for 150 min. Solar cell result indicates that an inexpensive solar cell could be developed by synthesis of FeVO4 nanoparticles through the ultrasonic approach.