Rapid design and characterization of natural binary nanocomposite (nanocellulose-hydroxyapatite) for teeth remineralization

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of pediatric and preventive dentistry , College of Dentistry , Baghdad University , Baghdad , Iraq


This work includes the synthesis of nanocellulose (NC) using a multi-step process starting with rice husk. The resulted nanocelloluse was characterized using XRD, SEM and TEM which confirm the successful preparation of NC with nanofiber and nanocrystal structures of 66.3% of crystallite index. The NC was used as a synthon for the synthesis of binary natural hydroxyapatite-cellulose nanocomposite (HA-NC) by the reaction of nanocellulose and hydroxyapatite using ultrasound-assisted method.
This study demonstrates successful nanocellulose synthesis and HA-nanocellulose nanocomposite formation. Utilizing rice husk as a raw material for nanosilica and incorporating HA into nanocellulose hold promise for diverse applications in materials science and biomedicine. The adhesion of the HA-NC nanocomposite to the tooth surface was thoroughly investigated in this study and the measurement demonstrated the successful bonding of the nanocomposite with the tooth surface. This finding is significant as it indicates the potential applicability of this material for remineralization enhancement. It is worth noting that the thickness of the HA-NC nanocomposite was found to be approximately 100 ± 25 nm.