Characterizations the Activity of Ampicillin Loaded on Shellac-Chitosan Nanoparticless

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Babylon, Hilla 51001, Iraq

2 Edu. G. D. in Babil/ Ministry of Education/Iraq


This work aims to construct nanoparticles using different stabilizers of low-toxic natural polymers. These polymers derived from two natural substances, shellac (SH) and chitosan (CH) which formulated together by a linkage, then loaded with ampicillin. The dynamic light scattering (DLS) technique was used to calculate the size of amp- SH-CH NPs and was (60.63 ±1.87nm) with zeta potential of (+28.2 mV). The shape of amp-SH-CH NPs was evaluated using FESEM and TEM techniques. The formation SH-CH NPs loaded with ampicillin were characterized using FTIR and 1HNMR. According to the results, SH-CH NPs loaded with ampicillin can be exploited as potential Nano carriers with low toxicity and good antibacterial performance against positively and negatively bacteria. The nanocomposite's minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) against Staphylococcus aurius and Klebsiella pneumonia was reported to be 0.001 mg.mL-1, in comparison to 0.1 mg.mL-1 for the antibiotic nonleaded ampicillin. Ampicillin loaded on shellac-chitosan nanoparticles (Amp-SH-CH NPs) have the opportunity to reduce bacterial resistance and thus increase the antimicrobial activity of ampicillin.