Poly vinyl alcohol-Fe-Au nanocomposites: Simple preparation of magnetic and anti bacterial nanofibers

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Science, Arak University of Technology, Arak, Iran

2 Department of physics

3 Kashan University


In this work poly vinyl alcohol- iron-gold nanocomposites were synthesized by electrospinning methods. Firstly nanoadditives were synthesized with ball miling methods All results from ball milling ( up to down procedure) and electrospinning were analyzed with the aid of scanning electron microscopy images. Aromatic azo dyes are one of the samples of cancerous agent so in this work, photo-catalyst activities of nanocomposites were investigated by photo-degradation of acid black under ultra-violet irradiation. Magnetic and anti-bacterial nano-additives were added to poly vinyl alcohol. With the help of electro-spinning uniform nano-fibers with average diameter less than 150 nm were synthesized. The antibacterial test was performed by measuring the halo of non-growth in the disk penetration test. The test is done in such a way that three-mm discs are placed in nanoparticle fluids and then placed in agar medium (suitable medium for bacterial culture). Then, pathogenic bacteria such as coliform will be smeared on the agar and placed in an incubator for 24 to 48 hours to grow. After 48 hours, it can be seen that all the plates contain bacterial growth. At the same time, if the nanoparticles have antibacterial properties, around the disk we will see a halo of non-growth of bacteria (space empty of bacteria). This test has been done for coliform and pseudomonas bacteria for synthetic nanofluids and the results showed that nanocomposites will have good antibacterial properties for environmental effluents.

Keywords: Anti bacterial, Nanocomposites, Ball-milling, Photo-catalyst