The process optimization of FAMEs production from bio-oil transesterification via nano-biocatalyst based on lipase/SBA-15 nanostructure

Document Type : Research Paper


1 School of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Tehran

2 College of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering

3 University of Kashan


A mesoporous SBA-15 was synthesized and functionalized by OH, NH2, and glutaraldehyde (SBA-15-GA) for covalent immobilization of Porcine pancreatic lipase (PPL) to use as a nano-biocatalyst in biodiesel production from castor oil. The process conditions (reaction temperature, biocatalyst amount, methanol content, and water content) were optimized with RSM, and their effects on FAMEs production were predicted. The supports were characterized using SAXS, FTIR, SEM, and BET techniques. The results of RSM showed that the temperature of 47.5 oC, catalyst amount of 0.5 g, methanol content of 0.34 g, and water content of 0.1 g are the conditions for the highest FAMEs production yield of 96.1%. The statistical data showed that reaction temperature, catalyst amount, and water content have a significant effect on FAMEs production yield but methanol content does not. The results also showed that increasing methanol content, water content, and temperatures can reduce biodiesel yield up to 7.3%.