Study and Fabrication of Au nanoparticles on Porous Silicon

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of physics,faculty of science, university of Mosul

2 Department of physics,faculty of Education for pure science , university of Mosul

3 Department of physics,faculty of science,university of Mosul


In this study, we prepared Au nanoparticles using high power laser ablation with different laser energy (600,750 and 900 mJ). Moreover, we prepared p-type and
n-type PSi samples using electrochemical etching technique. Then we deposited the Au nanoparticles on PSi to created AuNPs/PSi materials. Photoluminescence,
UV-Vis spectroscopy and I-V measurements were all used to characterize the prepared samples. The AuNPs/PSi transmission spectra decrease with laser ablation energy due to the surface plasmon excitation improved the electromagnetic field near the Au nanoparticles. Furthermore, PL spectra peak exhibited a redshift with increasing laser energy especially for AuNPs on n-type PSi due to the quantum confinement effect. In addition, the electrical properties of AuNPs/PSi structure revealed that the current of forward bias increases with increasing laser energy due to reduction in the energy gap. Finally, Au nanoparticles on PSi showed a high quality properties making it an attractive material in electronic devices.
Keywords: Au nanoparticles, laser ablation, PSi, Photoluminescence, UV-vis Spectroscopy.