Synthesis of silver oxide nanoparticles (Ag2O NPs) and study their dispersion into new polymer matrix

Document Type : Research Paper


1 University of Mustansiriyah, College of science, Department of chemistry

2 University of Diyala , college of Education for pure science Department of chemistry


In this paper, novel polymers were prepared for the first time via , which were used as matrices. Silver oxide nanoparticles (Ag2O- NPs) was synthesized via Eco-friendly route using silver nitrate (AgNO3) as a precursor with sodium hydroxide as precipitation agent in the presence of orange leaves extract as a reduced factor. Silver oxide nanoparticles/polymer matrixes (Ag2O-NPs/polymer) were synthesized by solution method. The calcination temperature of silver oxide nanoparticles was 550 °C. The crystal system of Ag2O- NPs is cubic (a = 1. 892 Å with average size diameter 38.69 nm) was measured by XRD. FT-IR technique was used to confirm the presence of functional groups in Ag2O-NPs spectrum. The dynamic light scattering (DLS) showed a wider nanoparticle size distribution in two peaks. The morphology analysis were explain by FE-SEM technique, showed a different sizes and spherical shapes nanoparticles with average diameters at 47.45, 57.18 nm and 68.78 nm for Ag2O-NPs after calcination processes, Ag2O-NPs/P1 and Ag-NPs/P2 matrix respectively. The EDX results presented the elements (Ag=91.2%, O=1.9%).