Enhanced Thermoplasmonic Effect in Core/Multi Shell Hybrid Nanostructures

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Laser Physics, College of Science, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq.


We present an experimental study of the photothermal properties of core/multi-shell hybrid nanostructures prepared by laser ablation. The hybrid multi-shell nanostructures consist of gold-silver and silver-gold sandwich with silicon shell in between. The results show that the plasmonic properties can be are tune by controlling the structure of the core/shell nanoparticles. The optical absorption was measured using a UV–V is spectrophotometer for the samples, and the intensity and position of the plasmon were monitored depending on the dielectric properties of the samples. The thermoplasmonic properties are studied by monitoring the local temperature increase of the samples when the samples are heated by lasers of different wavelengths. The results show that not only an extreme tunability in the surface plasmon resonances can be obtained but also considerable enhanced photothermal effects in terms of temperature rise. Furthermore, the temperature rise depends on the laser effect. This result opens the possibility of using the core/multi-shell NPs as efficient heat sources in many applications.