Study of Plasma Parameters, Optical, and Structural Characteristics of Nanoparticles for MnO2/CdO Combination by Laser Ablation Technique

Document Type : Research Paper


Laser Physics Department, College of Science for Women, University of Babylon, Iraq.


In this paper, the plasma parameters were studied using LIBS technology for lines of the emission spectrum of MnO2/CdO compounds mixture (50%Mno2 and 50%CdO) due to their exposure to high energy laser pulses (Nd-YAG laser),1064 nm, 1Hz. A temperature of electrons was calculated using the Boltzmann plot method in Local Thermal Equilibrium (LTE). The results showed the highest temperature ( 0.2017 eV) at laser energy of 350 mJ for the spectrum lines of the MnI element, as well as density of electron, Debye length and the number of particles into Debye sphere of the spectrum resulting from different laser energies at a constant frequency, is one hertz for each measures. Also, structural FE-SEM, XRD were measured at this values to define nanoparticles type was created, nearly particle size is 64.37nm for FE-SEM measurements and crystal particle size is 26.1 for maximum peak in XRD image by using Scherer equation in measure.