Preparation And Investigation A Hydroxyapatite Layer Coating On Titanium Substrate For Surgical Implants.

Document Type : Research Paper


1 College of Materials Engineering, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq.

2 College of Materials Engineering, University of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq

3 Collage of Science, University of Bagdad, Bagdad, Iraq.

4 Al-Furrat Al-Awsat Distribution Foundation, Ministry of Oil, Babylon, Iraq.


This study investigated and prepared a coating for surgical implants by using hydroxyapatite (HA) empowers characteristic bone that developed at a medium for prosthetic the parts of the human body. HA is the generally manufactured from both Calcium (Ca) and Phosphate (P) to produce (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) that utilized as a base material for covering mineral embeds because of its incredible biocompatibility and comparable the synthesis and structure to sclerous tissues of the human body. HA, coatings on titanium substrates have been produced by Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) techniques. HA utilized in this search pressed at pressure (150MPa) with particle size (2.745 µm) and utilized as a target in the coating by (PLD) techniques with (4000, 6000 and 8000) pulse. Surface characterization studies of the coatings such as SEM and AFM to detect the amount of (Ca) and (P) in the coating layer were carried out. In vivo study was done by implantation of 4 sample implants (Ti, Ti-HA-4000, Ti-HA-6000, Ti-HA-8000) in femur bone for four rabbits. The results showed new bone formation around the implant for both groups from 3 weeks; with mature bone formation and complete osseointegration in 6 weeks around Ti-HA-8000 implant by the presence the haversion lamellae. This means biocompatible property of HA, which leads to accelerating osseointegration between implant and bone.