Nd:YAG laser ablation used to Preparation silver Nano- particles and it used in Staphylococcus and Klebsiella bacteria

Document Type : Research Paper


Physics Department, Faculty of Science, University of Diyala, Iraq.


In this research, the silver nanoparticles were prepared using Nd: YAG laser ablation in liquid (PLAL). with five laser energies that (160, 300 ,460, 600 and 760) mJ.It is a physical method based work on the principle of dividing metal ions into metal atoms, the following tests were showed on the silver nanoparticles was XRD diffraction, UV- Visible spectroscopy, transmission electron microscope(TEM). XRD diffraction that observed the silver nanoparticles was face-centered cubic (fcc) , UV- Visible spectroscopy that observed the best silver nanoparticles in 600 Jm that have the highest absorbance. And it the best sample. TEM show that the particle size of sample 600 mJ (20)nm with spherical shape good dispersion of the prepared sample . For the antibacterial activity, applied of silver nanoparticles on two types of bacteria gram-positive bacteria taphylococcu and gram-negative bacteria Klebsiella , to study the extent of their effect on these bacteria, silver nanoparticles proved to be very effective in killing the two types of bacteria.