Improving physical properties of pure and Au zerovalent nanoparticle-functionalized Hemocytes of Arachnida Representatives

Document Type : Research Paper


Belgorod State University 85, Pobedy St., Belgorod, 308015, Russia


Present study reported the synthesis and physical properties of gold nanoparticles functionalized Hemocytes of Arachnida Representatives. The data indicated that adding Ag nanoparticles at a certain concentration in the organism system improves the physical properties of them. The development and testing of new instruments based on atomic force microscopy in the study of physiological mechanisms of adaptation lead to the fact that invertebrates are becoming more and more attractive for research, as they occupy vast niches of many ecosystems, being numerous but poorly studied. The amebocytes of Arachnida representatives are cells capable of phagocytic reactions. The values of the phagocytic index, phagocytic number, and adhesion index of amoebocytes under isotonic conditions are 0.56 a.u., 2.75±1.74 a.u. and 0.83%, respectively. Under the osmotic load, no significant changes in the parameters of the phagocytic activity of amoebocytes of representatives of the Arachnida class were recorded. To determine the adaptability of hemocytes of Arachnida representatives under osmotic load, the values of the relative membrane reserve and the intensity of the use of the membrane reserve were determined. The relative membrane reserve of amebocytes is 11.56±0.58 µm2, granulocytes - 37.48±0.94 µm2; the intensity of the use of the relative membrane reserve in amoebocytes is 19%, in granulocytes - 27%. Aggregatocytes, spherulocytes and enocytoids do not use the membrane reserve under osmotic load.