The Effect of Exchange-Correlation Holes on the Temperature Dependent Dynamic Dielectric Function of Single-Layer Quantum Wells and Coupled Nanolayers

Document Type: Research Paper


Physics Department, faculty of science, Payame Noor University, Po box 19395-3697 Tehran, Iran



In this paper, for the first time we have studied theoretically the effect of exchange-correlation holes around electrons in GaAlAs/GaAs/GaAlAs nanostructure on the temperature-dependent dynamic dielectric function of two-dimensional electron gas by employing random phase, STLS and Hubbard approximations. Also, we have investigated another interesting system which is coupled quantum wells structure. To make a good comparison and show the effect of local field, the numerical results have been compared with those obtained within RPA which considers long-range interactions and ignores exchange-correlation effects completely. We found that taking into account the exchange-correlation effects changes considerably the values of dynamic dielectric function at low electron densities at finite temperatures.


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