High Solid Contents Copoly (Styrene/Butyl Acrylate)-Cloisite 30B Nanocomposites

Document Type: Research Paper


Iran Polymer & Petrochemical Institute, P. O. Box. 14965/115, Tehran, Iran



Higher solid contents (20 % and 40 %) nanocomposites of poly (styrene-co-butyl acrylate) including higher content of Cloisite 30B (7 wt% and 10 wt %) were prepared via miniemulsion polymerization. Stability of the final latexes proved outstanding combination of polymerization procedure and surfactants. Morphological studies revealed by TEM, SAX and XRD showed three structures of core-shell, armored and individual dispersion of clay layers within the polymer particles. The effect of Cloisite 30B content on the barrier properties presents excellent and wide use of these films for packaging and nanocoatings industries.


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